Quotaton Request

The quick way to get an offer using the quoation request

1 Choose Country

Select your country using the menu item "Choose Country". Then you can change the language if desired.

2 Account Login

Login here with your account. In case you do not already have one opened, you will be prompted to do so. We need your contact details to properly handle your request.

3 Add Product to Quoation Request

Select the desired product or subject area on the top menu or using the search function.

Add the desired product or subject area by clicking on the quoation request symbol.

4 Add more Products

Repeat, if necessary repeatedly, step 3, if you wish a selection of multiple products.

The quoation request will show you what you already selected.

Complete the process by clicking on the quoation request symbol in the top menu.

5 Send Quoation Request - Done!

Check your wishlist and correct selected products as desired. Then please click on SEND WISHLIST TO TECHNOLAB.

Your individual offer will reach you as soon as possible. You will receive a copy of the quoation request via email for your confirmation.

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